Without Retail Optimization, You're Leaving Money on the Table.

TABS RetailWorks™ is macro space planning software and analytics. Don’t think Category Management, but rather, Beyond the Category Management. Instead of analyzing data at the traditional category level, TABS RetailWorks analyzes all categories in an aisle, department, or even the total store. TABS RetailWorks answers the question “How can we take our fixed amount of space, and wring out more sales and profits simply by shifting space from some categories to others, and making changes to how categories are organized?”

TABS RetailWorks incorporates two core objectives:

  • Optimizing the allocation of existing space across categories.
  • Arranging categories in a shopper-centric manner by maximizing category adjacencies, and locations.

The end result is heavier department traffic, increased buyer conversion, and higher market baskets.

RetailWorks is available to both retailers and manufacturers who are looking for ways to stand above the competition and help their customers with objective, fact-based recommendations. In practice, manufacturers realize tangible increases to their sales that result from the thought leadership and collaborative partnership that RetailWorks enables.

Over the past few years, RetailWorks has identified more than $1.2 billion in retailer opportunities, and TABS clients have experienced over $100 million in increased retail sales as a direct result of using the platform.

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