TABS RetailWorks™ Retail Space Optimization

What are the Supply Chain Optimization technologies?

TABS RetailWorks goes beyond category analytics to aisle and department management, and even the entire store!  TABS RetailWorks is the single complete solution for total retail space optimization by providing optimization model for retail stores.


Retail Works


What are we buying?

TABS RetailWorks gives you user-friendly software that facilitates the process of making space reallocation recommendations for hundreds of stores.  You also receive TABS Analytics' unparalleled modeling expertise to give you confidence in the conclusions derived from the software. TABS RetailWorks analyzes the three primary components of the optimization process with the following software solutions:

  • TABS ProfitMaster™ shows how space should be reallocated by department and category
  • Adjacency Optimization delivers a strategic roadmap for category or segment adjacencies to maximize conversion and increase total basket size.
  • Strategic Priority Model provides direction on which categories deserve the most desirable locations in the store.

How will it help us?

This is an advanced and unique capability that delivers instant credibility gains at retail.  Your recommendations to senior retail executives are more readily accepted if you demonstrate that you have considered the bottom line impact at retail of your major merchandising initiatives and retail sales data.

How is it different?

This service offers the only option in the market to analyze holistically the effect of Macro Space decisions at retail.  Other models in the market may provide general guidance on space reallocation, but have no tools to determine where to place categories or how to use these categories in order to maximize merchandising appeal.  Further, TABS RetailWorks has a proprietary modeling capability that provides more accurate projections of sales and profit effects of major merchandising changes.  We have six in-market validations of our sales projections, which typically range from +2-10% sales and profit growth.  Based on these retail and CPS analytics and retail supply chain optimization, our clients have implemented our recommendations in thousands of stores.

How can we get started?

There is much more to the service than can be explained in one web page.  A web demonstration or in-person meeting is necessary to get a full understanding of this powerful tool.  Clients have the option of acquiring these tools separately or as one integrated software offering.

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