Database Coding and Harmonization

As analysts know, fancy dashboards and analytic tools are useless if the data itself is not first accurately categorized and coded.   Extensive experience with data, from nearly every aisle in the store, means TABS has honed our database coding process and accuracy, to the point that we consider it a significant differentiator from our competition.  Good coding begins with good analysts.  Our dedicated team of database specialists hold library science degrees, often bringing with them knowledge gained from past work experience at syndicated data suppliers. When it comes to accurate coding, the “one size fits all” approach does not usually work.  Consequently, we have developed a proprietary database coding process that enables us to maintain custom category databases by client, and often by a retailer’s definition of the category.  Further, we provide real-time coding maintenance so that changes to your hierarchy are reflected in your data immediately instead of the once-per-year industry standard.  Finally, TABS data harmonization expertise enables us to create product hierarchies that are aligned across global markets or across categories within an entire store

What data sources?  A key benefit of our custom coding process is that it is data agnostic, meaning we can perfectly harmonize data from multiple sources (e.g. Nielsen, IRI, SPINS, NPD, POS, etc.).  This allows our clients to consistently analyze their entire business.  Our consultants work directly with clients to understand their specific analysis needs and facilitate the required product coding, regardless of the data source. Our ongoing relationship with clients means coding requests can be addressed within days, as opposed to months.


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