Streamline your data analytics. Optimize collaboration. Get unprecedented insights.

TABS Total Insights™ tools harmonize CPG data including syndicated, trade promotion, consumer, POS and shipment data.

In one simple, intuitive solution you can look across two years worth of promotions by account, or by channel, by subsegment, or even by brand, or even sub-brand or promoted group. You can look at your own product portfolio, and how one product affects another when you run a promotion.”

Pete Seidita, Director of Category Development, Edgewell

Drowning in data? It’s time to think smarter

Smart businesses are built on smart data. But when diverse data sets and multiple departments are involved, things get messy.

Silos develop. Data goes haywire. Teams slip off the same page. And you miss vital growth opportunities.

So how you do deal with an avalanche of data, while extracting the meaningful insights you need to stay competitive?

Disparate Data is stored and accessed in various locations

TABS Total Insights harmonizes data that is stored in various locations.

Many departments involved to distribute information and end users

CPG data comes from many departments including category management, trade and promo, consumer insights, as well as accounting teams, and analysis can conflict if the data is not harmonized.

Multiple levels of analysis - reporting to predictive modeling - that are not being fully leveraged

Multiple data streams feed in to CPG predictive analysis but are not being fully leveraged.

All your analytics in one place.

The answer: TABS Total Insights™. In one fell swoop, our proprietary analytics suite solves all your data problems while uncovering hidden opportunities in your data.

It’s the industry’s only unified and customizable portal that harmonizes all your CPG data.

Simple to use, yet extraordinarily powerful, TABS Total Insights™ brings together four of your key sales & marketing data sources into one integrated dashboard:

  1. Category Management
  2. Trade Promotion Insight
  3. Consumer Insights
  4. Account Sales data.

Aligning all this meaningful data gives you more than the complete picture—it opens the door to deeper, more sophisticated analytics than ever you’ve had access to before.

Teams can solve business issues faster and with a greater degree of confidence. Everyone’s back on the same page. And you’re free to dive into the analytics and get instant answers. Answers that used to take you days or even weeks to access.

Category Management

Category Management

  • Syndicated Consumption data
  • Category Management
  • Source of Growth
  • Segment / Brand Productivity
  • Sales Drivers
  • Causal Insight
Promo Insight

Promo Insight

  • Promotion Optimization
  • Qualitative Data
  • TABS AccuBase
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Spending and ROI
  • Revenue Management
Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

  • Syndicated Panel Insight
  • Customer Survey
  • Loyalty data
  • Social Media
Account Teams

Account Teams

  • Account POS
  • Store level insight
  • Base and incremental
  • Ship / Consumption
  • Inventory / Replenishment

One Environment. One Seamless User Experience.

Total Insights


Transform the customer experience and redefine your sales analytics.


More control. Deeper insights

With TABS Total Insights™ you can:

  • Pull actionable insights and reports from one dashboard
  • Collaborate more easily and efficiently
  • Create accurate predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive models

Finally, you can fully leverage your sales & marketing data

Whether you’re working with syndicated, trade promotion, consumer, POS or shipment data, TABS Total Insights™ is your one-stop destination for scalable analytics.

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