Why Do You Need A CPG Data Analytics Suite?


Big Data = Data Overload

Maximizing insight from an abundance of data sources is one of the biggest challenges for consumer goods companies. When multiple departments are involved, the challenge gets bigger since there's no centralized way to look at data from the silos that often develop. Then, the analytics usually don't scale well since some constituents look only at descriptive reporting data while other teams use predictive analytics tools. Luckily for you that's there the CPG data analytics comes in.

Disparate Data is stored and accessed in various locations

TABS Total Insights harmonizes data that is stored in various locations.

Many departments involved to distribute information and end users

CPG data comes from many departments including category management, trade and promo, consumer insights, as well as accounting teams, and analysis can conflict if the data is not harmonized.

Multiple levels of analysis - reporting to predictive modeling - that are not being fully leveraged

Multiple data streams feed in to CPG predictive analysis but are not being fully leveraged.

TABS Analytics solves this problem by bringing everything together into one platform - TABS Total Insights™

We take four key sales and marketing data foundations - Category Management, Trade Promotion, Consumer Insights, and Account Sales data - and bring our proven analytics tools together in one place so that teams can collaborate faster and more effectively.

Category Management

Category Management

  • Syndicated Consumption data
  • Category Management
  • Source of Growth
  • Segment / Brand Productivity
  • Sales Drivers
  • Causal Insight
Promo Insight

Promo Insight

  • Promotion Optimization
  • Qualitative Data
  • TABS AccuBase
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Spending and ROI
  • Revenue Management
Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

  • Syndicated Panel Insight
  • Customer Survey
  • Loyalty data
  • Social Media
Account Teams

Account Teams

  • Account POS
  • Store level insight
  • Base and incremental
  • Ship / Consumption
  • Inventory / Replenishment

Having a scalable one-stop analytics platform means you can fully leverage your sales and marketing data

TABS Total Insights™ is the only CPG analytics software that integrates and harmonizes all of your data into one platform. Whether it’s syndicated, trade promotion, consumer, POS or shipment data, TABS Total Insights™ provides you with a one-stop destination for scalable analytics, from reporting to predictive modeling.

One Environment and Seamless User Experience.

Get a Positive ROI from Your Analytics. Today.

TABS Total Insights