Why Do You Need A Data Analytics Suite?


Feeling overloaded by data?

Pulling meaningful insights from an abundance of data sources is one of the biggest challenges consumer goods companies face.

And when multiple departments are involved, the challenge gets even harder.

Silos develop. Data gets messy or redundant. Teams slip off the same page.

You might lose sight of the big picture as you try to reconcile data between categories, consumers, accounts, promotions, inventory...

Even when you’ve got a handle on all of your data, the analytics usually don't scale well.

Some constituents look only at descriptive reporting data, while other teams use predictive modeling.

Getting useful insights from your data becomes an ordeal, because…

Disparate data is stored and accessed in various locations, creating “silos” that don’t provide an accurate overall perspective


Many departments are involved in distributing information to end users, leading to mixed messages or miscommunication


Multiple levels of analysis are not being fully leveraged, causing skewed predictive modeling


What if you could easily see all of your meaningful analytics in one place?

Our proprietary analytics platform, TABS Total Insights™, brings together 4 of your key sales & marketing data sources: Category Management, Trade Promotion Insight, Consumer Insights, and Account Sales data.

Category Management

Category Management

  • Syndicated Consumption data
  • Category Management
  • Source of Growth
  • Segment / Brand Productivity
  • Sales Drivers
  • Causal Insight
Promo Insight

Promo Insight

  • Promotion Optimization
  • Qualitative Data
  • TABS AccuBase
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Spending and ROI
  • Revenue Management
Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

  • Syndicated Panel Insight
  • Customer Survey
  • Loyalty data
  • Social Media
Account Teams

Account Teams

  • Account POS
  • Store level insight
  • Base and incremental
  • Ship / Consumption
  • Inventory / Replenishment

TABS Total Insights™ empowers you to…

  • Pull actionable insights and reports from one place
  • Collaborate more effectively and efficiently
  • Create accurate predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive models

One Environment and Seamless User Experience.

Get a Positive ROI from Your Analytics. Today.


"When you get into more advanced analytics it has always taken a bit longer to get to the right decision. TABS helps us cut through all that clutter. Kurt and his team understand my business. Because of that, they're able to design solutions for us that work and really guide you through the process of what's truly happening..."

Director, Trade Investment 


TABS Total Insights

Finally, you can fully leverage your sales & marketing data

TABS Total Insights™ is the only CPG analytics software that harmonizes all of your data into one platform -- so you can see the total picture anytime you need.

Whether you’re working with syndicated, trade promotion, consumer, POS or shipment data, TABS Total Insights™ is your one-stop destination for scalable analytics.

Schedule a demo now to see how TABS Total Insights™ can permanently solve your data analysis problem.


"We found that with the TABS tool we're much more responsive and agile than we have been in the past. We were looking for a user-friendly system that would make accessing data, analyzing that data and drawing conclusions much simpler than it had been in the past."

Sr. Director, Customer Strategy

Edgewell Personal Care