Trade Promotion

Find hidden opportunities. Get meaningful insights. Build profitable promotions.

“My job is to drive pricing and trade optimization, and really create and drive best practice throughout the world. Kurt and his team understand my business, they understand it from ground zero. They're training us, they're training us inside our world, basically bringing their insights to life, and combining it really seamlessly with what we know about the business.”

Director of Analytics, Unilever.

Software alone isn’t enough to optimize your promotions

According to Consumer Goods, 55% of the amount spent on trade promotions fail to grow the brand for both manufacturer and retailer.

And it’s increasingly difficult to pinpoint what’s going wrong. The retail environment grows ever more complex and the data management processes needed to interrogate them are time-consuming and error-prone.

So how do you differentiate between poorly performing promotions and profitable ones? The answer lies hidden in your data.

Our promotion analytics suite of services includes a full range of trade promotion tools   Our promotion analytics suite of services includes a full range of trade promotion tools

Analytical innovation, promotional expertise and software customized to your needs

Our promotional analytics suite of services, PromoMaster® Plus and TABS Promo Advantage™, help you monitor your efforts with ease.

Now you can quickly access insights, uncover new ones and optimize based on data to understand the ‘why’ behind what works and what doesn’t.

TABS PromoMaster Plus software, for instance, focuses on Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) and gives you rigorous optimal promotional strategies and tactics for your brand. 

Manage every promotional event with Blacksmith TPM software.

If you’re looking for a trade promotion management solution that helps you add value, save money, and streamline operations… check out Blacksmith TPM retail functionality.

  • MANAGE: Plan, forecast and track with intuitive workflows
  • ANALYZE: Centralize data, reporting and analytics – one source of truth
  • OPTIMIZE: Consider constraints and use AI to build a better plan

Whether you’re part of a small, midsize or large Fortune 100 companies, TABS can help you:

  • Harness the power of information to outsmart the competition. 
  • Gain access to the sharpest minds in the trade promotion analytics field. 
  • Wring every drop of value out of your trade promotion efforts.
  • Increase promotional volume and reduce wasted spending.

Bottom line: TABS helps you get more sales and more profit.

Experience the TABS Difference

What separates our software from the industry norm?

  1. Accuracy: Our trade promotion analytics are powered by TABS AccuBase®, which offers the industry's most accurate and extendable method of baseline tracking.
  2. Minimal training time: ABS PromoMaster® Plus and TABS Promo Advantage™, deliver it, while also providing maximum analytical flexibility.
  3. Unrivalled analytics: Instantly gauge the incremental sales of your events while tracking channel switching, competitive share gains and any potential brand cannibalization.
  4. Cloud-based: TABS Promo Insights™, gives you the flexibility and benefits of the cloud while delivering the same analytical rigour of our other TPO offerings.
  5. Speed: Many TPO providers require up to a year to get started. We’ll get you up and running in three months — or less.

There’s hidden potential in your business. Let’s help you find it.

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