TABS Promo Insights

What is it?

TABS Promo Insights™ is a powerful, web-based analytics tool that allows you to extract meaningful information from your promotional data. It enables you to determine, with confidence, whether or not your promotional spending is yielding a worthwhile return on investment.

What am I buying?

You are buying a dashboard that gives you superior promotional spending analysis without the hassle. Promo Insights™ provides incredible flexibility that allows you to gain broad insights with a set of pre-made reports that can be tailored to fit your needs, while providing well-coded and organized raw data that lets power users drill down into specific details. You are buying an easy-to-use, web-based tool that features TABS Analytics' world-class CPG promotional analysis.

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How will it help us?

With TABS Promo Insights™, you can compare your promotions and incremental sales to those of your competitors. This tool gives you the data you need to show retailers, with confidence, that your brand deserves more shelf space, or increased distribution.

How is it different?

Other promotional analysis tools use faulty baseline sales figures. If the baseline sales figures show large spikes when there was promotional activity, then that is not a very good baseline. If the baseline sales figures are wrong, then the subsequent promotional analysis will not be very useful. The solution to this is TABS AccuBase®, the most accurate and extendable method of baseline estimation in the industry. AccuBase calculations require only unit sales and price, allowing accurate baseline estimates in a cost-effective manner.

TABS Promo Insights™ also comes with top-notch support. This is a service, not just a one-time product. Should you discover any problems or have any questions, TABS provides immediate support and immediate solutions. Since this platform is web-based, TABS can fix any coding issues and update PromoInsight™ within 48 hours.

How can we get started?

TABS offers full guarantees on service delivery and modestly priced proof-of-concept options. Give us a call at (203) 925-9162 or send an email to to learn how to get TABS Promo Insights™ to help you increase sales and profits with a superior promotional analysis service.

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