TABS PromoMaster® Plus

What is it?

TABS PromoMaster® Plus is a bundle of services that provide a set of trade promotion measurement, insights, and event planning tools for your company.  This is a service geared towards small-to-mid sized companies with relatively small, more manageable sales forces.



What am I buying?

You are buying the software and expertise of TABS Analytics in Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO). You will receive TABS PromoMaster® software, a best practices analysis that summarizes the optimal promotional strategies and tactics for your brand.  In addition, you receive TABS P3™, an Excel-based trade event planning and simulator tool that predicts the incremental sales and profits of future events.

TABS Promo

How will it help us?

At 15-20% of annual revenue, trade spending is the largest part of most CPG companies’ sales and marketing budgets (Source:  Gartner, 2012).  The insights this service provides can easily lead to double-digit gains in your sales and profits in year one and beyond.

How is it different?

All of the analytics are based on TABS AccuBase®, the most accurate and extendable method of baseline estimation in the industry.  Baseline accuracy is critical in understanding true event ROI’s and, more importantly, for making accurate forecasts of future events.  As well as providing accuracy, using Excel in our software minimizes training time and maximizes analytical flexibility.  You will be able to instantly gauge the incremental sales of your events along with any potential brand cannibalization, channel switching, and competitive share gains.  Finally, TABS Analytics will have your TPO solution up and running in two months or less versus the industry standard of 12+ months.

How can we get started?

We offer full guarantees on our service delivery and modestly priced proof-of-concept options.


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