Analytics and Consulting Services

Whether your company is new or old, big or small, physical or digital, TABS Analytics has a solution that will make your life easier. Our services will help you make better sales, marketing, and strategy decisions. With TABS, you get analysis at the speed of thought.

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Senior Management

Dr. Kurt Jetta


David Butcher

Executive VP & Partner, Consulting

Dustin Dupus

Chief Operating Officer

Frank Fulton

Chief Customer Officer

Bill Laros

Executive VP & Partner, Consulting


Michael Surmeian

Senior VP, Consulting

Mike Kirshenbaum

VP, Consulting & Consumer Research

Ted Kakridas

VP, Consulting

Bill Nolan

VP, Consulting

Annette Gabele

Director, Consulting

Don Hernick

Director, Consulting

Jay Warner

Director, Consulting

Adam Hill

Senior Manager, Consulting


Daniel Kresina

Senior VP, IT and Operations

John Allen

VP, Business Development

Robert Baldwin

VP, Marketing

Chad Gray

Vice President, Products

Tucker Malsch

VP, Business Development

Nan Moran

Vice President, Support and Services

Dr. Erick Rengifo

Senior Economist

Lisa Stankevich

Manager, Database Operations

Jaclyn Kubik

Project Manager

J.P. McGlinn

Director, Infrastructure

Jason Presley

Director, Business Analytics

Susan Ward

Senior Engineer