Tucker Malsch

Vice President, Business Development - Pivotstream


Tucker joined TABS Analytics in January 2018 with the acquisition of Pivotstream and brings 18+ years of cross-functional leadership and change management experience in businesses at various stages of their life cycles from pre-start-up to multi-billion-dollar a year in revenue corporations.

Before TABS, Tucker helped lead the build out of the sales and marketing efforts at Pivotstream and specifically the focus on the alcohol beverage vertical and the partnership with Nielsen.  At TABS, he will keep the same role and expand it to other verticals and TABS products. 

Tucker is an adviser and partner at Creative Spirits Lab (CSL) based out of Los Angeles.  CSL is an incubator tied to the entertainment and creative industry to develop brands in beer, wine and spirits, and bring them to market for iconic entertainment companies or celebrities. 

He is an experienced beverage industry operator with close to 10 years and several successful innovation-stage to on-shelf brand accomplishments in the space.  A sampling of the brands that he has worked on include Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Cayman Jack, Marquis Vodka, VitaFrute Cocktails and VEEV Spirits.   His last several roles were at the CFO/COO level and he had all of operations, analytics, finance, and supply chain responsibility and shared on the sales and marketing with the rest of the leadership teams.

Prior to the beverage industry, Tucker spent some time in management consulting at DLC with an emphasis on turning around companies and finance related projects including valuations and capital raising.  He started his career at American Airlines in corporate finance, strategy and revenue management and pricing positions at their Dallas Headquarters.

Tucker received his B.A. in Economics (Minor in Business Administration) from Vanderbilt University and his M.B.A. in Finance, Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California (USC).