How Predictive Analytics Tools Are Revolutionizing CPG and Retail

It wasn’t long ago that customer datasets were just a simple tool for most businesses, but in 2018, the most forward thinking companies are treating them like the goldmine they are.

Leading companies in every industry are leveraging the power stored inside the information they’ve accumulated over the years. In the era of big data merged with predictive analytics, information about how customers browse, how they decide, and how they purchase is all becoming critical to business success.

If you’re not diving into your data with predictive analytics tools, you can bet that your competitors are, or soon will be. And once that happens, if it hasn’t already, you’re behind in the race.

The Power of Predictive Analytics

Think about all the different parts of the purchase process that deliver consumer data into your company right now.

If you’re a retailer, you’ve got data coming in from point of sale systems, mobile platforms and applications, from your social media analysis tools, and of course from in-store engagement.

You’ve got more data now than you ever have before, and it’s intricate. It’s data that helps you build profiles of who your customers are and how they think.

The extraordinary thing about predictive analytics is that it takes that understanding one step further. WIth predictive analytics tools from TABS Analytics, you can begin to understand not only what those customers are doing now, but what they will be doing in the future. With our tools and insights, you can begin to know what your customers are planning to buy before they might even know it themselves.

We are in a revolutionary time right now where every single businesses has the ability to gain these types of insights, and steer their company towards success.

From Gut Feelings to Data Driven Predictions

If you’re a consumer packaged goods company, you no longer have to rely on ‘gut feel’ to direct your decision making about how to price your goods, how to promote them and how much inventory to stock.

We’re now in an era that you can know these things as much as you know anything else. With the power of our predictive analytics, you can make scientific data driven decisions, instead of just relying on what you think might happen going forward.

This is an era where businesses can shift from just knowing what has happened in the past. It’s a time to understand and anticipate next steps, with a high degree of certainty, using the data from your past.

Total Insight and Total Clarity Going Forward

With TABS Analytics tools like TABS Total Insights, not only do you get key reporting tools, but we merge them with predictive analytics tools. You’ll have insights into what’s happening now inside your company, and what’s likely going to happen in the future based on the way your customers have behaved in the past. TABS Total Insights is the only CPG analytics software that integrates and harmonizes all of your data into one platform.

We’re not just aggregating the data and putting it onto a screen for you, we’re truly harmonizing the data. We’re aligning the brands, the items, the segmentation all into one easy to use package for CPG companies like yours to help make better decisions faster.

In the blink of an eye, we’re providing the type of business decision support that use to take weeks to deliver.

Analytics That Are Easy to Use

One of our primary goals is to build products that are easy to use, and structured around common business issues. We help you analyze your business the way you want to see it now, delivering snapshots of actionable data, and even more sophisticated data that gives you a strong picture of the future.

At TABS, our easy to use tools give you the edge you need to make accurate predictions that cut costs and raise revenue going forward. Are you ready to transform your capabilities?

Since 1998, TABS Analytics has been delivering innovative solutions to our loyal clients, always operating with top-tier customer experiences in mind. With 20 years as analytics industry leaders, rest assured that we know how to serve your company the tools it needs to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. With TABS, you’ll be working with a company that thrives on analytical innovation.