TABS 2015 New Metrics Guide - Part II


How the best insights in the industry can be found in the 

data you already have

In Part 2 of our New Business Metrics series, we'll dive into how to leverage household panel and survey data to its fullest so you can make strategic, fact-based decisions about your brand and business.  

In our 6-page guide we'll cover:


  • How to really understand consumer loyalty with the powerful Repeats Per Repeater metric
  • What does Brand Equity mean and how does that contrast with Brand Loyalty from a panel data perspective
  • The importance of calculating in-store conversion with our Buyer Conversion Efficiency metric
  • How online consumer surveys can be used effectively for understanding buyer behavior and market/channel size 
  • Plus more!

This is the second of a two-part series detailing knowledge that we at TABS Analytics have garnered over the years. CPG professionals, in general, will benefit from the analysis techniques and insights explained in this report.

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