Kurt Jetta Discusses CPG Consumables Categories in Retail Leader

“TABS Group’s Consumer Value Study demonstrates that CPG retailers should pay more attention to basics and more customers, less to millennials and online sales. Promotions and low-cost strategies are the key to selling food and other consumables, according to a new study by TABS Group.”

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Will the US Yogurt Category continue to grow in 2015?

According to a recent article by, growth in the once red-hot US yogurt category is slowing down and could even turn negative in 2015. Kurt Jetta weighs in on this trend to explain the underlying reasons for this imminent decline.

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Infographic – TABS 2nd Annual Consumer Value Study, Consumables

Check out the TABS Group 2014 Consumer Value Study Consumables infographic that highlights consumer buying and trade promotion trends driving the 15 CPG consumables categories, including: the importance of “old school” trade tactics, the rise of the Dollar Channel in attracting consumers, and the decline of female Millennials in purchasing these categories. View as a PDF...

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Watch TABS Group’s webinar on Consumables and Trade Spending

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Press Release for TABS Group Second Annual Consumer Value Study

Comprehensive Study Of Consumables Finds Weak Promotional Deals Cause Of Industry Malaise

Female Millennials Also Buying Less In The Category

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Upcoming Webinar: 2nd Annual Consumer Value Study - Consumables

The 2014 Consumer Value Study (consumables) and How it Affects Your Promotion Optimization Strategy

In the 2nd Annual Consumer Value Study for Consumables, TABS Group looks at how shopping behavior and attitudes have changed vs. last year with respect to consumer’s use of promotional offers. Further we analyze how these promotional search behaviors affect their choices of outlets including Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s, Costco, etc.. Other areas covered are quantifying the size of previously hard-to-track channels such as Natural Food and Online purchasing.

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